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The base for collaborating clearly & smoothly in remote teams

Schedule a meeting. Who’s asleep? Who’s on holidays? What’s the team doing right now? When will this coworker be back? And more. Sign up for early access.

Rebuilt from scratch. For

remote-first teams.

The age of remote-first companies has unique requirements. There is the missing half of our communication tools. A new paradigm for helping with scheduling and time differences. Providing the foundation to work together remotely, smoothly and closely.
People from the most renowned distributed teams are using There

Working remotely Quicker. Simpler. Closer.

Today, Team Story
Look around the office! Get a sense of what’s going on in the team
Times, Places



. Ideal for everyone.

Be brilliant with people’s timeline. There considers work time, travels, times off, and habits for the perfect time for everyone.It’s the sweet spot between bare time zone apps, and the calendar’s schedulers which aren’t built for remote-first teams.
This is absolutely brilliant. As an investor in companies like Remote Year and WeWork with massive, distributed teams, this is a no-brainer.
Jesse Middleton
Co-Founder, WeWork Labs

Who’s available? Define your work day.

Communicate your work time as you wish. No hard schedules, work hours are smart and flexible.

Travel anywhere. Collaborate on the go.

Traveling across time zones is confusing for a team. We manage all that, whether you’re travelling now or in 2 weeks.

Set up instantly.
Import from Slack or Twist.

Connect your Slack or Twist workspace in one click and start using There.

Available anywhere.
Even in your emails.

Install on macOS, Windows, Linux, and use on Slack, Twist or web apps. Works offline too.

There starts at time zones,
However, it’s about people.

The idea
I really like the idea of There, especially helpful when you’re working with a remote team in different timezones.
Holger Bartel,
I've never seen
Working with a distributed global team? I've never seen a team pick up an app so fast.
MikoHolger Bartel,
Game changer
This is a game changer for remote teams & clients.
SamProduct Manager at Handsome
Super easy
In love with There — makes handling multiple timezones super easy!
Andrew HydeFounder at Portl
You owe it
If you work on a distributed team, you owe it to yourself to check out There.
Chris Messina
For fully-distributed teams
Team Story

Deeper team rapport. Beyond avatars.

There is particularly designed to convey co-presence. Team Story feature inteligently transfers the positive sense of working together in a team. It’s beyond plain avatars.

Like looking around the office.
Except that it’s better!

Team Story feature is built for teammates and it can’t be used as a management tool at all. It is the magical feed of positive-only descriptive statuses. Combined automatically in from the work hours, daily work applications, off times, travel plans and more.
Everyone works in their own way.
We work and finish at different hours.
We travel to and live in many places.
Sun comes up there later or sooner.

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There 1: From early concept to facilitating collaboration for all remote teams

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If you work on a distributed team, you owe it to yourself to check out There.
ChrisHashtag inventor

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